Print or Paint with Permaset Aqua Fabric Paint

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly fabric paint then Permaset Aqua is the one for you! Permaset Aqua is Australia’s number 1 brand of fabric paint. It is a 100% solvent free, low odour, water based fabric paint. You can use it straight out of the bucket, mix colours to achieve your desired shade or with water for a thinner paint just like acrylics. Use mediums to change the properties of both paint and fabric to make your life easier.

Screen Print

Permaset Aqua Standard

Permaset Aqua standard colours are the more transparent range of permaset fabric paints. Use these on white or light coloured fabrics for best results. Permaset aqua standard fabric paint has a soft handle and is an easy to use ink with great durability. Just remember to heat set the paint to ensure permanence.

Permaset Aqua Supercover

Permaset Aqua Supercover is a much more opaque paint than standard. This is due to the higher levels of pigment so it’s great to use on black and dark coloured fabrics. We recommend supercover for use on all fabrics where you want your colours to really pop. Supercover paint also requires heat setting to ensure permanence.


For even brighter colours, first put a layer of white and wait for it to dry, then paint your desired colour on top of the white. Try out puff paste for 3D effects, just mix with your desired colour. Higher levels of puff paste will create a more pronounced 3D effect.

Permaset also make a range of metallic colours, ‘glow’ colours – not glow in the dark but using brighter pigments, and even phosphorescent green which does glow in the dark.

Heat Setting

Make sure you heat set your paints after they are dry. There are 2 easy ways to heat set your prints:

  1. With an Iron: Leave your print to air dry first. Then lay your print out on the ironing board, cover it with brown paper, baking paper or a clean tea towel.  Set your iron to Cotton setting (160 degrees C) and hand iron for 2-3 minutes to set the print. Wait for your print to cool and then it should be cured, and able to be washed.
  2. In the Sun: It depends on the heat of the Sun, however you can leave your print to cure in the hot Sun for a few hours up to a 1/2 day, or even one whole day to cure it.  Test this method on a scrap of fabric printed with Permaset to check how long it takes to cure before curing your finished print in the Sun.

Screen Mesh

While you can always hand paint with permaset, many people like to use screens to print stenciled designs. Use 43T mesh for screen printing t-shirts or a finer mesh for more detail. Permaset aqua standard has been tested for use with screens up to 120T and the supercover up to 90T. Higher thread counts result in being able to achieve finer detail but less paint gets through the screen, so always test your screens before committing to a full print run.

Silk Screen

As always with paint, colours presented on screen are as accurate as possible but may be different to the actual product colour. We always recommend viewing colours in person before before selecting them for the first time, and testing colours on a scrap piece of material before committing to your final artwork.