Getting the most out of your Tombow Dual Brush Pens

tombow_2Tombow dual brush pens are a dual ended water based marker. They feature a large, soft, flexible nylon brush tip and a fine marker tip. There are loads of projects you can complete with these wonderful markers.tombow_info

Hand Lettering

There has been a recent craze in hand lettering and, with more and more examples in everyday life and on the internet, more and more people are excited to try it out. The Tombow markers are excellent for hand lettering. Print text with the fine end and make lovely, loopy brush lettering with the brush end.



Starting out with hand lettering you need the right materials. With Tombow markers you’re already half way there. You will also need a pencil or mechanical pencil to plan your designs, and smooth paper or card to practice and finally produce a finished piece. Smooth paper also helps to prevent your brush tips from fraying, prolonging the life of the marker.


The 3 P’s

You also need the three P’s patience, planning and practise. You aren’t going to be an expert overnight so don’t be disheartened when you see people in demos and tutorials getting everything perfect first try. It took them hours and hours of practise to get to that stage. So be patient, with your tools and with yourself, and you will get to that level too. Planning is important when you are working towards a finished piece. Don’t just try to copy something from the internet onto a blank piece of paper, it won’t work. You bought that pencil for a reason, use it to plan your piece and make sure everything fits in the space you have. Try using both ends of your marker for different fonts and utilise other tools, such as liner pens, for more intricate details. Practise, the three P’s could have been practise, practise and practise. This is how you will get more familiar with your tools. Do drills where you practise each letter as well as connecting strokes and curlicues. Keep at it and soon you’ll be making your own tutorials.

Pictures from Tombow USA here and here

Check out Tombow’s own blog for even more info and examples.


Tombow dual brush pens are excellent for colouring. It’s in the name “dual brush”, the large, soft nylon brush is excellent for filling large areas of colour. The small detail end is perfect for colouring the fine, intricate details. The range of 96 vibrant colours will help your colouring pages to pop.


The markers can also be blended together. Brush one colour onto a glossy plastic surface then pick the colour up with another colour. The two colours combine into a new colour which will gradually go back to the colour of the marker you are working with. This colour graduation looks great with both colouring books and hand lettering. Make sure you do your blending on the marker as it won’t work nearly so good on the page. Make sure you are colouring on a smooth paper to prolong the life of your brush tip. Combine your markers with colouring pencils for different textures and techniques.


Pictures from Tombow USA here and here.

Check out the Tombow website for free some free colouring pages.


Scrapbooking & Card Making

Tombow dual brush pens are an archival water based marker. This makes them difficult to blend on the page. While you can’t use them the same way you would an alcohol marker such as Copic markers, you can still achieve many of the same or similar effects. Use them to decorate your projects. You can use them for stamping, colouring, lettering or illustrations. Make sure to try some blending to create ombre and watercolour effects.


Picture from Tombow USA here

For more great scrapbooking and card making ideas with Tombow dual brush pens, check out the Tombow website.